Linksprite JPEG UART Camera + Arduino

UPDATE 2016: Sadly this camera died shortly after this first post, so further development was not carried out. Unfortunately, due to the price, and relative capability compared to more modern options (a la Raspberry Pi Camera) I do not intend to replace the camera. Although it was educational while it lasted, it will never be anything more than just that, educational. Here is a small piece of code I threw together with help from the original source from Linksprite allowing me to interface with the Colour UART Camera from an Arduino board, over SoftwareSerial.

Bits & Niggles - Dialogs

UPDATE 2016: I really had to bring this post across to the new site because it amazes me that to this day there are popular apps that still haven’t figured this out. After we have spent years getting used to and developing applications that fit this paradigm of positive-on-the-right, I still have apps I rely on installed on my Nougat (Android 7.0) toting Nexus 6 that not only look hideous on its 1440x2560, 492dpi screen, their dialogs still have positive-selection buttons on the left.

Tips n Tricks - Surface Mount Soldering

Surface mount soldering if somewhat of an art. Maybe not a fine art, but one that I can appreciate none the less. I have been soldering for the while now, over 10 years (wow that makes me feel old). I’m not sure how much longer than that, because I was only child back then. Surface mount soldering, however, is an entirely new game I have decided to play. How I got there is a long story, perhaps for another time, but needless to say, I realised, I wanted needed, to give it a go.