IoT Danger Zone - Part 2 - IP Cameras, baby monitors, and smart kettles

There are a growing number of devices in the home that connect to the internet, some of the most prolific in terms of remote attack are those designed to give the user access remotely, perhaps from their mobile when they are away from home. Devices such as DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) and security cameras that allow you to check on your home while you’re away, do so by opening a connection out to the internet that you can connect to remotely.

Pushover BASH script - Bashover

Recently, I had an issue with my web server, the one hosting this site, where MySQL died. It wasn’t until several (16) hours later, when my Android Email app notified my of failed logins, that I realised there was a problem. For the entirety of this time, anything hosted on this box had been without a database connection, which obviously meant this blog was also down. The first thing that struck me, when wading through the logs to find out what went wrong, was that I had known absolutely nothing about the problem for so long.

Pixel Commander - Arduino UART RGB L.E.D. Controller

UPDATE 2016: This project is not dead, but, technology has improved since I started the project and there are now several alternatives; First of all, the APA102 RGB L.E.D is much easier to work with (SPI, so it’ll work on the Raspberry Pi’s non-realtime OS) and also, FastLED is a much better way of managing L.E.Ds Pixel Commander is part of a much larger project I’m currently working on. Its purpose is to allow me to remotely control one of the LED boards shown in the image (the board design will also be open sourced when it is complete).